Tuesday, October 13, 2009

holy costume batman

Every year at a nearby campground they have what's called Harvest Fest where the kiddos (and some dogs ::wink::) get dressed up in their costumes and trick or treat around the campground. It is so much fun and everyone has a great time. I try to theme the kids costumes, which they'll either grow up to think is so cool or majorly dorky haha, only time will tell. Anyways, last year we went with a pirate theme and this year we decided to do a super hero theme. My oldest is spider man, my youngest is batman and my furry nephew is superman.

I probalby say this alot but I'm in love with this layout!! This was made for Scrap Sketch using sketch #168. If you're a sketch user, or even if you're not, you should go check out Scrap Sketch. These sketches jump start my mojo like nothing else!!

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