Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today I'm giving you a look at one of my latest big projects.  I'm calling it DIY dining.  Most of what you see here was made or altered by me.

WARNING: this is a very picture heavy post.

Here's a good look at the table I built by adjusting the plans for this narrow farmhouse table to make it a little wider and added some trim around the edges to make the top look chunkier.  L.O.V.E. it!!  It seats up to 10 if we add a chair on each end.

Another look at the end of the table you can also see the bench I made to match.  There was no plan for a bench to match the table so I had to make that up, but I was really pleased with how it turned out.  I'm working on some matching chairs, just ran out of time before Thanksgiving.

Here's a look at the bench.

I've got to find the before picture I took of these candle holders.  They were this ugly, shiny, old looking gold.  I picked them up for 50 cents each at my local goodwill.  Add some spray primer and black patina spray paint and voila, pretty matching candle holders.

This was the first year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the whole family (both mine and my husbands) and I wanted to make a good impression.  We bought some pretty white plates from Wal-Mart as well as some red cloth napkins.

I found some napkin rings 2/$1 at Michaels, they had leaves and turkeys on them.  Those wouldn't work, so you know I had to decorate the napkin rings.

and a close-up of the napkin ring.  I used a bunch of my Papertrey Ink supplies: a leaf prints die on simply charteuse felt, a pure poppy button with silk ribbon, a limitless layers die, the sentiment from 2009 autumn tags.  As well as some Martha Stewart chunky glitter and practicing creativity's houndstooth background from retro christmas backgrounds

One last look at the whole ensemble.

I love my dining room, and hope you like it too.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

edited to answer a couple questions
The table is 37 1/2" wide and 8 feet long, I basically just added an additional 1x8 to Ana's plans.

The trim I used around the edges is from my local Lowes.

It looks like this, only for my table I flipped it upside down so the chunkier part is at the top.

 EverTrue 10' Pine Modern Casing

It's EverTrue Pine Modern Casing.

The high gloss finish ends at the edges of the table, it's self leveling so I was afraid it would just drip off the edges if I tried.  It's a polymer compound that starts in two different bottles and you mix them together and pour it on.  Then you smooth it out and it self-levels.  The brand I used is EnviroTex Lite, I found it at Menards but I'm sure you could find something similar at any home improvement store.

I used a gel stain by Varathane called Early American and two coats of wipe on high gloss polyurethane on the rest of the table and bench (not the top). 


  1. You have been one busy girl! I love love your table! How awesome that you did this yourself! I love finding furniture and refinishing too! And I love a good can of black spray paint! LOL! TFS!

  2. Wow..that all looks so great! You did a wonderful job with ALL of it. You should be proud of yourself.

  3. Wow. I am totally impressed!! Your table looks awesome!! I love the candle holders and place settings too!! Very impressed!!

  4. Holy turkey, Jackie! I'm so impressed that you created this yourself! Wow is all I can say. Beautiful presentation. :)

  5. Jackie, Your table, bench, candle holders and napkin holders are all just beautiful. I'm sure both families had a wonderful Thanksgiving with these homemade items. You did a super, wonderful job! Love your whole room!

  6. Jackie EVERYTHING is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE that table and bench.. cant wait to see the matching chairs.. Love the candle sticks, and your napkin rings are so CUTE! You have been busy busy!
    Have a GREAT day!

  7. That is awesome!! I LOVE IT - just like out of a magazine!

  8. Can you tell me what your final dimensions were after modifying the plans? It looks great!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! Great work!!

    I, too, would love to know the final dimensions of your table and the type of trim you used on the edges. LOVE that chunky top!!

  10. Absolutely love it. I, too, would love to know the final dimensions and trim.

  11. Oh - how beautiful!! THIS is the finish I have been looking for to top Ana White's Apothecary Media Cabinet! Would you mind sharing the products and techniques you used to finish your farmhouse table? Thank you!!

  12. I have the same question. This is my first piece that needs a high gloss finish on the table top. Where does the high gloss finish end? At the edge of the top or did you cover the moulding as well? Any details about the beautiful finish technique would be so appreciated, we are planning to start our table soon!=)

  13. Thanks for editing to answer questions! I have a couple more, if you don't mind. ~blush~

    It looks like you used 4x4s as the legs instead of two 2x4s put together as called for in Ana's plans. Is that right? If so, how did you attach the apron differently?

    Also, how did you get the polymer to cover the entire top without having drips down the sides?

    Thanks in advance for taking time to answer - I only ask because I am completely blown away by your work!

  14. What kind of wood did you use? I am just starting to research doing a similar project. I am soo envious of your gorgeous table. You did a magnificent job.

  15. Hi, there.

    I got here via Ana White's site -- I am building a farmhouse table as well. Yours is GORGEOUS! I love the idea for putting the thick sealer on the tabletop, and was curious as well how you controlled where it went... Specifically, did you silicon between the tabletop boards before you put the sealer on the tabletop? I have teeny-tiny cracks between the table top boards, and am concerned that if I were to pour on a similar sealer, it would just run in between the boards and go everywhere. Did you have this problem at all?

    Thank you!!


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