Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Sorry to leave the blog unattended for so long.  I feel guilty not stopping in, but you know how it is, life just gets busy!  So what have I been up to? 

Well I got distracted by

Which got me into building furniture!!  So far I've built this Kids elementary table and these storage chairs, then a variation of this book shelf.  I used this farmhouse table plan to make a workbench for my husband, and I'm working on a dining room table using that plan too but I adjusted it to be wider.  Just yesterday I built these totally fun Truss shelves.  Using my own plan I also made a side table for the living room and am working on a bench for the dining room table. 

So, yeah, I got a little obsessed!  Haven't taken any pictures of them yet, but if you'd like to see anything just let me know.

Besides that, the wood for our wood boiler so we've been cutting and hauling that like it's going out of style!  There's been no crafty time for this girly, but I've got a couple more cards from Practicing Creativity.

This one uses the tree and sentiment from Retro Christmas and the presents from The Whole Cycle.  Fun isn't it?!

Here's a tag using hte deer and striped tree from Retro Christmas and happy birthday sentiments from you're the man.

Here's a clean lined masculine card featuring the striped tree from Retro Christmas and sentiments from Chatterbox.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Jackie, these cards are so beautiful! Very nice.

  2. Wow Jackie, all of these cards are beautiful! Sounds like you've really been busy (and productive!) Good for you for building furniture, that's something I don't think I'd have the nerve to try!

  3. All right, these just have to be the most innovative cards ever! Love the way you combined the Cycle set and Retro Christmas, then love the hat/tree idea and the clean and simple style of your last card. They are all just truly fabulous.

  4. I'm obsessed with Ana white too Jackie and can sometimes waste hours perusing her plans. She's a gem! and I want to see EVERYTHING you've pics!
    I love the creative genius behind your cards too. adding the gifts to the bottom of the tree? LOVE it! And the adorable tree "hat" on the clever.

  5. I want to see everything you have built, too!


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