Wednesday, October 27, 2010


How's everybody doin today?  We're good here, it's a laid back kind of day today.  The only day this week that I get to stay home all day and have no errands or school business to attend to, yey :)

Today I've got some Halloween favors that my kiddos will bring to school.  They're getting really excessive with the peanut allergy awareness so we went with glow bracelets.  Now, don't get me wrong here, a peanut butter sandwich is never worth risking some poor kids life for, but at our school it's to the point where they won't let the kids bring in anything.  My son's pre-school class wan't even allowed to bring these to pass so I'm having the teachers give these out as if they're from them.

Sorry, got a little off track.  Anyways, here's the project.

Don't they look so fun all together like that!?!

I bought this set simply to have this adorable sentiment, haha, lovin' it!!
I used spring moss cs and stamped with simply chartreuse for the background.  Used palette ink for Frank and the sentiment and colored with copic markers.

This one is lavendar moon cs stamped with plum pudding.

and these are summer sunrise cs stamped with orange zest.

Arent' they fun?!  I'm so in love.

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  1. Oh, those are so cute. I had not noticed that "frankly, you rock" is SO cute.

  2. These are super super cute!! I love all of them! Cute, cute idea and I might have to whip some up these up!!

    My son's school is very small (2A school) but he has a boy in his class with VERY severe peanut allergies too so they had to put a lot of rules into place throughout the school. But even with him in his class, we can still send little gifts like this as long as we don't bring anything with peanuts and nothing manufactured in a plant with peanuts. The school cafeteria had to totally change the way they cooked their lunches too. It was a lot to learn at first!

  3. These are just adorable!!! The kiddos are going to just love these!

  4. So cute! Hope the children love them too. So sorry to read about the restrictions schools have now.


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