Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today's card was made for a friend of the family who retired after 37 years of working in the local mine.  37 years!!

This card features leaf prints form PTI and I was looking all over for a retirement sentiment when I remembered Practicing Creativity's Chatterbox.  Love that sentiment set, there's a lot of different sentiments you don't find frequently.  The size was perfect to fit on this tag with my leaf.  I rock and rolled the leaf with orange zest and terra cotta tile and the background is stamped with terracotta tile on orange zest CS.  The tag and ribbon are the beautiful fine linen, I'm more and more in love with this color each time I use it!!

I've also got my very first knock off wood project to share with you today.  It's a bookshelf adapted from this amazing wall bookshelf.

The original sat on the floor, but because of that radiator, mine had to be wall mounted.  What I love best about this bookshelf is how the books face outward.  My kids always had a tough time getting the books put in library style so they would sit on the floor in a sort of stack until I picked them up.  This way they can put them away so easily!!  As you busy Mom's know, anything they can do themselves is always less work for us!  I also simplified the tops and cut them rounded off, because this was my very first wood project ever and I wasn't quite sure how I'd do with a jig-saw.

This was seriously so easy and fun to build and it cost $27.72 including screws!!

and because I have two rowdy boys....

 you can see that before I could even photograph it they did this.

Which is the entire reason I didn't want to pay big bucks for a bookshelf  :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WTG Jackie!!!! Love the card it's fabulous but that shelf girl! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Your card is wonderful, and the sentiment was perfect! YAY!

    As for that bookshelf...man o man do I need one! I am so tired of yelling at the boys to "put the books away PROPERLY. Pages in, spine out!"
    Their bookshelves are aways a complete mess and it drives me batty. THIS shelf must be a godsend Jackie! You rock and I'm feeling less intimidated now...thanks for sharing!

  3. Your card is great and that shelf is too! I want one! I have rowdy boys too! Thanks for sharing! I hope my dh can make me one! LOL!!!

  4. love the shelf idea!! your card is so pretty too!!

  5. Great card, and good luck with the rowdy boys. I'm glad I only had one because he was able to do MAJOR damage on his own. My suggestion for your stress...stamp more! :)

  6. Love the card! That is very pretty! Your shelf is pretty terrific too! Wow. Very impressed!!


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