Saturday, November 14, 2009

ZOO much fun!

This August my parents, the boys and I took a trip to the NEW (North East Wisconsin) Zoo where I was able to practice my photography skills and the boys didn't have to be my models most of the time, they sure appreciated that. It was so much fun photographing all the different animals and I got some amazing pictures. Someday I'll finish editing them all but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorites.

Isn't he cute and fluffy!

The laziest lion I've ever known, this was the only time he even moved while I was around. Here I was waiting for a huge roar, but he didn't want to do anything. Must have been nap time.

This here eagle was my best model, as long as I was taking his picture he sat there so nice and still looking right in my direction. As soon as I was done though he turned his back to me.

The NEW zoo has an amazing giraffe exibit where you walk up a large ramp and are right at head level with the giraffes, you can even feed them. Of course they weren't hungry but my kids were so we couldn't hang out long enough to feed them. Next time.

Keep Smiling :)

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