Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check out our sweet mohawks!

My silly boys used to insist on having mohawks every time they went in the tub. Dylan (my oldest) used to pronounce it more like "mo-ocks" and it was just so cute coming out of his little mouth. He would make me laugh every time. Fun times.

The page is based on sketch #134 from ScrapSketch.


  1. Gosh so I am not the only one who does this to ther children lol such fun great page to remember the time you spent (here I go feeling guilty again) I have taken a few shots of my Grandson in the bath I should really make time to get som LOs done.

    Love Dawn xx

  2. OMG!! Jackie..I just took pics of Dusty like that!! I just saw the lo on scrap sketch and went here as fast as I could go...LOVE IT!!!!!!! PERFECT!!! They are ADORABLE!!!!! Hugs, Have a great WEEKEND!! Dawn

  3. come over to my blog i have something for you :) love the lo


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